Lightbattle Interactive Bicycle Lightartwork by Venividimultiplex


“The Lightbattle is currently exposed in the passage of the Rijksmuseum. The biggest and most prestigious museum of the Netherlands. This interactive bicycle lightartwork is designed by Venividimultiplex for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Lightbattle lets you experience the much loved passage of the Rijksmuseum in a unique way. An interactive arch of light determines the strongest cyclists.

The installation consists of an open arch that elegantly spans along the vaults and over the bicycle lane. Attached to the arch are nearly five thousand LED lights and beneath the arch, on both sides, stand five bicycles. With a defiant light game, Lightbattle attracts passers to take place on a bicycle and unleash an epic battle between red and blue! While pedalling they push their own arch of light to the other side to try to defeat their opponents. The winner will be overwhelmed with a dazzling waterfall of lights. The energy and enjoyment of the visitors turn the Lightbattle into a stunning light show.

So take a seat and let the battle commence! Lightbattle is freely accessible, every day from 9 am to 23 pm, until January 19th.” Photos: Janus van der Eijnden, Nathalie Hennis.





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