Light Installation by Antoni Arola and Vbospagna

From Estudi Arola:

To mark the staging of the Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC), Antoni Arola and Vbospagna have partnered present a light installation at Calle Fernando VI, 10, Madrid, from October 20 to 23.

In the installation, the artist turns the spectator into the creator of a metamorphosis that floods the entire space. Through slow fusion and colour movement, the box becomes a maze, and light becomes tangible, material.

An 8×4.5×2.4m plasterboard cube, the exterior unpainted, its profiles bare. The inner walls are painted blue on one side and red on the other, whilst roof and floor are white.

The route leads the visitor through three rooms, taking three doors that emit coloured light onto the coloured walls. As these doors are opened and closed, the spatial conception of the cube changes through the fusion of the colours and the light.

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