LED 1.0 Lamp by Nicolò Bottarelli

“In 1962, a young engineer at General Electric, Nick Holonyak Jr., develops a new form of lighting, LED acronym for ‘Light emitting diode’. Unlike a standard incandescent lamp, the LED does not disperse energy in the form of heat but it’s converted entirely into visible light, thereby achieving a more sustainable form of lighting. Only now, after fifty years, at a time when we need a reduction of energy consumption, that discovery comes into our homes as a new light source, more efficient and more sustainable.

The lamp LED 1.0 is a fictional representation of the original LED prototype. It’s inspired by the reflection that only time can lead to full awareness of the value of an idea, a discovery, an intuition. Consistent with ALBURNO’s philosophy, in the continual research and use of natural materials and italian craftsmanship the lamp is composed by: – blown glass worked by master glassmakers in Treviso – maple and walnut coming from italian Prealpi – Sienite stone from Balma, found in a small quarry in Biella. This stone was traditionally use for pavements and squares in Piemonte.

The LED has been deliberately exaggerated by giving importance to a large object which in reality only major a few millimeters, and the presentation of the lamp together with his packaging is inspired by the iconography of the ‘60s, allowing the user to jump back 50 years.

The choice of colors is not random: the colors used refer to the basic colors of all digital devices: RGB (red, green, blue) but using tones that are part of our memory, bottle green, tobacco , cobalt blue. Other two more ‘technological’ version are available in clear glass and black.”

See the tiny LED Light Culture Sculpture by Humans Since 1982 here.




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