Lampslamp Pendant by Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich


“The lamp by Russian design duo Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich is made with the use of burned-out halogen lamps that provide brilliant light effect through a translucent layer of violet silicone. The light itself proceeds from one central energy efficient bulb. The opposite arrangement of lamps inside and outside of the LAMPSLAMP creates convenient complexity. The 3D pattern of the pendant declares that a very simple and familiar object can reveal its exceptional and dramatic beauty when it is put in a peculiar way.

The concept has an ecological contribution as well – the halogen lamps assembled into the LAMPSLAMP is an interesting instance of reusing materials that are hard to dispose of, however, the result is not only efficient, but visibly attractive. The LAMPSLAMP premier took place at the London Design Festival 2013, with the help of a successful collaboration with the curators of Rub Design Book Project Anastasia Krylova & Marya Tvardovskaya.” Photos: _studio Fotohaus.





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