Lacescape Table by Miro Roman & Luka Vlahovic

“Lace and surface, tradition and contemporaneity, digitality and steel. Playing with the extremes. The decoration is not functional, the form is not fixed. We do not want to just deal with geometries and eye-catching patterns generated by algorithmic design. Tabula rasa is neither the origin nor the goal of our design. We want to play with the postmodern legacy of quoting and collaging by using algorithmic design. We quote, rummage and play with the elements of cultural heritage. We take them to infinity. Instead of nature, culture becomes a haven for our algorithms.

The project Lacescape Table interweaves the threads of technology and tradition. It was devised by Croatian women lace-makers, and produced by robots. It is completely digitally designed and fabricated. Lacescape Table is an idea and a concept which incorporates an entire population of tables. Our digital database contains centuries of experience of intangible cultural heritage – a somewhat unexpected input for digital manipulation. It is exactly because of the abundance of multiple expressions of lacemaking that we do not limit ourselves on creating one table that will display the single most beautiful Croatian lace. Rather, we direct our focus on a series of objects that will celebrate the richness and diversity of Croatian lacemaking: the beautiful and the mesmerizing patterns, the imperfect and the flawless ones. The steel origami is its formal frame, yet not its fixed form – it is always similar, yet different.

The designer no longer manipulates the ‘object’ itself, but designs and directs the rules, systems and narratives that will generate, produce and promote that object. The laser cut surface and the digitally bent plate create the LACESCAPE TABLE which examines how the intangible cultural heritage leaves its mark on the future of the digital design.” lacescape_table_miro_roman_luka_vlahovic_02








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