La Fonction n°1 Satchel by piKs design

“Beneath the appearance of an incredibly functional leather satchel lies a mobile workstation which folds out to protect the screen from reflections as well as prying eyes, guaranteeing the user’s isolation and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office.

La Fonction no. 1 is produced in a French leather-goods workshop in the Cevennes – a modestly-sized business where each model is produced as if it were unique. The result of several days’ labour, a long time is required for its complex assembly combining high-quality leathers with highly-resistant fabric.”







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One thought on “La Fonction n°1 Satchel by piKs design

Very interesting product, seems to be unseen so far… great idea between leather, tradition & modernity. Love it for planes, restaurant, outdoor working and so on…

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