Konrad Chair by Anderssen & Voll

From Anderssen & Voll:

After several years, Lapalma is again proposing a chair totally in wood. Having taken the admirable but brave step to ‘do less yet better’ lapalma decided to work with the Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll to create a chair that is on the one hand, ‘back to basic’ and on the other, ultimately rather sophisticated.

KONRAD, is cosy and gives a classic material such as wood, modern and innovative qualities. It is a minimalistic structure, with a well calibrated balance of its seven components, it is light but yet resistant and strongly reminding of Nordic atmosphere.

KONRAD is perfectly representing Lapalma’s policy for the care of environment: totally produced in the new factory exploiting the solar energy, KONRAD is meeting the everyday requirement of an environmental friendly product, being totally made in wood coming from controlled plantation and 100% recyclable.

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