KK Apartment by Yukio Kimura

“In order to develop an attitude of thankfulness and a bond with the family which tend to be neglected, I focused on designing space where the family live a normal life surrounded by objects and also will grow with a child. Considering individual connections, I believe that minimal space is required for the family who gather and enjoy their happy life. Minimal design can be considered as a cold and hard approach, however the family will be emphasized in the limited space and they can produce new and fresh space by themselves without being domesticated.

For this reason, I have removed additional design as much as possible. I mainly used mortar for walls and laminated wood for flooring in order to reduce costs. The ceiling is low due to an old building, therefore I chose skeleton design in order to prevent a closed feeling. I used an original mortar beam to make an impact of space. I also designed KK chairs for the KK apartment. The table is also my original product.

I infused the clear and white paint that continues from the entrance to the structural column in the veranda with a meaning of walking straight without change.

PROJECT DATA Project: Renovation of a reinforced concrete frame apartment Location: Osaka, Japan Date: 2014 Design: kräfte, Yukio Kimura Graphics: kräfte, Yukiko Yamamoto and Yukio Kimura Collaboration / Lighting: Osaka Switch, Yukiko Kinoshita Construction: Up Life” Photos: Kiyotoshi Takashima. kk_apartment_yukio_kimura_02











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