Kartoni Foosball Table by Kickpack

“Made from cardboard, but certainly not from paperboard, this stable cardboard table football set provides football fun for everybody and every occasion. Kartoni is as big as a professional football table, but is mobile, budget-friendly and made from 100% renewable raw materials.

Only the game bars and the ball are made of wood; the rest is made from stable cardboard – everything made in Germany. The table football set is delivered in a handy cardboard box and can be put together without glue, screws or tools in no time at all. The environment is considered here as well – the packaging is used entirely in the construction and ensures additional stability. The double corrugated cardboard is custom-made for Kartoni and is made mainly from recycled paper – it can also stand up to ambitious table football professionals.

For creatives both large and small, the fun begins even before the first kick off: by painting, spraying or adorning the table with your national colours or however the mood takes you! With the online player generator, available in the near future, player figures can be created and printed out in all club colours, with uploaded logos and individual faces. Fancy a game with Messi or the German national team? Not a problem – pre-cut, printable paper sheets are enclosed with the table football set.

For anyone who’d rather kick off with the smart Soccer Boys in thongs or casual Bikini Girls, there’s the perfect template available. There are even classics such as red or blue men and/or women’s teams available from the Kartoni online shop, for those who want to play it safe.

Extras, such as inbuilt cup and smartphone holders with record player hooper for a better sound. With atmospheric fan chants from the iPhone and a cool drink, there’s nothing more standing in the way of proper table football fun.” 01_Kartoni-cardboard-table-football-by-Kickpack










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