Karma Night Club by Menacho and Humberto Beltran

“Karma was conceived with the idea of making the space monumental, where everything is exaggerated including the height of the ceilings. The architects wanted to design a place where people could disconnect from their daily environment. This was accomplished by bringing a new and different approach to what is normally seen in the city.   The walls are raised almost 6 meters and most of it is covered with bricks, a noble material, which creates a contrast and transition for the wallpaper and coated cement, on which various gold mirrors were placed.   The sky is an emblematic point, generous heights allowed a game of shapes and colors that catch the eye. Structures in the form of golden waves surround a central piece. These waves create a dynamic movement and light. In the center a light box with blue circles break the golden curves, illuminating the central space.   In every room there is a keen sense of detail.  The bar, a space of 14 meters long, is an iconic piece of illuminated onyx. The doors are an exaggerated element that gives a prelude to the interior space. The bathrooms were treated as living space, full of luxury with velvet curtains and marble as details in the sink, large mirrors and high ceilings.   Karma is a new place, a different option. The architects Menacho and Beltran have created a new standard for the design of night clubs in Santa Cruz full of glamour and style.

Year: 2013 Type: Night Club Location: Santa Cruz- Bolivia Area:  584 m2” karma_night_club_menacho_humberto_beltran_02








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