Kant-In personal wine cellar by Giulio Ceppi


From Saporiti Italia:

Kant-In by Giulio Ceppi / Total Tool with Giacomo Mojoli and Edoardo Radice

It is the first concept of a ‘personal wine cellar’, a sophisticated and elegant container for the most precious collection of wines.

Kant-In is a kind of “totem” devoted to the cult of wine, composed by three sets of wooden boxes, which open by turning outward, to collect and preserve respectively the great reds, the precious whites and the sparkling champagnes. Each module has an independent temperature control system, based on the thermo-electric Peltier technology, while the central column contains a variety of accessories and storage spaces, to serve and drink wine. The technical accessories by Tahuma allow to store and to preserve the wine bottles with elegance and functionality.

Kant-In is a sculptural element which can be imagined and accessorized in a very free way, to create a special solution for every client and every need, by freely composing sets of different cells and various accessories. Its modular system allows to customize not only the structures, materials and decoration of the boxes, but also to insert various technical accessories such as chillers, nitrogen preservation systems, ice dispensers, cigar humidors and others.

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