Kant Chair by Benjamin Nordsmark

“The idea behind this chair was to create something that shows how materials can be used to change a specific material’s appearence and also to challenge my own craftmanship and show what I am able to do with my hands.

I found the inspiration for the chair in modern architecture and in crystals and before I started building the chair I didn´t have any sketches for it. I just went down to the workshop and started building it up piece by piece. All the pieces are different and I just fit them all together by sanding the edges in the right angle and theafter glue them on by using handpressure.

The whole chair has taken about 150 hours for me to build and after the build I desided to paint it in copper paint to make all the edges and surfaces stand out even more because of the shadows it creates.” kant_chair_benjamin_nordsmark_2


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2 thoughts on “Kant Chair by Benjamin Nordsmark

That is one artistic chair. I love the way it looks.

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