Terre des Hommes Rugs by Liz Eeuwes


“Terre Des Hommes is the second collection of rug designs inspired by the Aerial theme, following 2009’s Landscapes collection. Stepping back from the more naturalistic approach taken in Landscapes, the 6 rugs that make up the Terre des Hommes collection employ a more reductive graphical language to create designs that are less explicit in their origins, more open to personal interpretation. Working from aerial perspectives of a variety of agriculturally ‘formed’ terrains around the world, the abstracted designs reduce these man-made landscapes into their core formal components. While these decorative elements reflect the reality of specific, indigenous cultural farming practices, their ‘visual veracity’ is subverted through the application of a colour palette that amplifies the mystery of each design.” eeuwes.co

Kansas, “Created by a complex and ordered irrigation system, the vast cereal crops of Kansas evoke a child’s wooden puzzle of circles and squares over America’s midwest.”

Algarinejo, “Olive grove plantations decorate the countryside of Southern Spain with a fantasy of polka dots and modern geometry.”

Ontario, “During the long Canadian winters, snow drifts over the plains, reducing the landscape to an assemblage where only the tallest structures peer out from Ontario’s Holland Marsh.”

Burundi, “Wedges of sugar cane crops arch around rolling hilltops to create a peculiar maze in Burundi, Central Africa.”

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