Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye Whiskey

The mighty Jack is stepping into the modern moonshine arena with Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye Whiskey, a big-time gamechanger for the whiskey world. Joining a recent trend to unaged whiskeys (aka white whiskey, white dog, moonshine, new make spirit), micro-distillery offerings that have ranged from tasty to pretty well undrinkable, JD Unaged is adding legitimacy with its big-name brand on a superbly executed 80-proof sipper. Significantly, Unaged’s 70% rye/18% corn/12% malted barley mashbill is the first new recipe from Jack Daniels in over 100 years. Priced at a premium $50, it’s rolling out to selected US outlets through December/January. White is the new whiskey!

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  • Reply October 10, 2012


    Can’t wait to find it on a shelf at my local store. This is a big deal for JD. I’m glad they made the leap and look forward to the mature version of this one as well!

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