In Between Glass Tableware by BCXSY



This project was commission by inframince inc. as part of tilde_objects 01.

Harmony and gradations in glass

One of the greatest appeals of hand-blown glass is the delicate balance between imperfection and near-perfection, reflecting both the nature of the material and the skills of the maker. A closer look at pieces, which at first glance may appear identical, reveals the uniqueness of each piece through slight variations in shape, color and dimensions.

in between is a hand-blown glass tableware collection, consisting of drinking glasses, bowls, plates, and accessories of various types and sizes, which come in a six steps gradation – from transparent to white.

The subtle successive changes are enhanced through the use of the pieces and the way they harmoniously combine. Besides emphasizing the artistry required for reproducing such variations, this also encourages the exploration of different compositions and applications.

More playfulness and awe are now introduced to the table.

Photos: Kiyotoshi Takashima.

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    yisel arias

    Ref. Glassware inquiry
    Hi good day to you ..
    We are interested in learninig more about becoming reps of your company in respect glassware here in Colombia where we have a good market for your products.
    Thank you and we look forward to explore this avenue.
    Best regards,

    Yisel Aria
    Marketing Div

    Neomerk Ltd
    Medellin – Colombia
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