IDS 2012: How Do You Live by Ashley Rumsey and Stanley Sun

From the How Do You Live exhibit at IDS 2012, one of the more popular installations, Ashley Rumsey and Stanley Sun’s Our Home and Native Land.

The duo, known as Mason, set out to create a design based on the ritualistic properties of the home. Their conceptual space, one of six created for How Do You Live, is an exploration of the “primitive rituals” that take place in the kitchen and bathroom.

Says Sun in Toronto’s NOW magazine, “We wanted to challenge what a kitchen and bathroom can be. One is completely private space, and the other is completely public.”

Rumsey and Sun deconstructed the kitchen and the bathroom into its functional parts – instead of by its social usage – and created a new paradigm. Water flows from one end of the system where there is a food preparation and cooking platform and eventually cascades into a garden.

Says Rumsey, “There is less the limitation between cooking, dining, living and working spaces… Our exhibit aims to challenge the way you can live within the space.”

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