House of Cards, Terrazzo Project at Milan Design Week 2014

“During this year’s Milan Design Week, Terrazzo Project presents an innovative installation showcasing the new extra-light structural TP-PANELSâ„¢, pushing the boundaries of terrazzo. The exhibition, entitled ‘House of Cards’ features a seemingly fragile oversized house of cards made with colourful honeycomb-reinforced terrazzo TP-PANELSâ„¢. The impressive construction illustrates Terrazzo Project’s range of panels and it’s many assembly possibilities. 

TP-PANELSâ„¢ are made of resin cement and stone aggregates cast onto corrugated aluminium sheets. Stain proof, UV stable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they are 50 percent lighter and significantly stronger than conventional stone and terrazzo slabs. The panels can be used as structural elements thanks to connection pieces set within the material and positioned at will. TP-Panelsâ„¢ are entirely cast, cut and polished by hand in Europe by skilled craftsmen.” On display now at Spazio Orso alongside ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. Photos: Emile Barret + Ana Varela.









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