House Industries for Bicycle Builder Richard Sachs

“Richard Sachs is a modern one-man industrial revolution who embodies all that is right in the world of bicycle building and in any enterprise for that matter. It may be a long wait for one of his bicycles, but his philosophy and ideals are accessible to everyone right now. That really resonates with us. By sticking to his roots while remaining continuously engaged with the bicycling world, Richard walks the fine line of resisting the weight of the business and making it better at the same time. So one might ask what Richard Sachs, his bicycles and his cyclocross team have to do with fonts and design, and we would answer ‘everything.’

We worked with master painter Joe Bell and decal expert Gary Prange to create unique color mixes and frame graphics that reflect the elegant simplicity of each Richard Sachs bicycle. The new designs provide both the consistency and flexibility needed to accommodate a variety of frame sizes and component arrangements. For example, the Richard Sachs logo pattern on the seat tube is carefully balanced to account for the wide carbon fiber front derailleur clamp.

The new Richard Sachs downtube logo and word mark is based on Neutraface No. 2 Titling and is cast as a permanent fixture on Sachs’ custom front and rear dropouts. We also refined and redrew a version of the Richard Sachs signature for use on the bicycle top tube and in other branding elements. We will continue to work together as the bicycle-building business and cyclocross team evolve and new Richard Sachs frames will feature a House tall script logo decal.”













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