Homage to the Imagination by Michele De Lucchi

“‘Imagine a landscape with hills, mountains, lakes, valleys, gentle slopes … Our imagination can go where it wants, beyond the confines of rationality. We can be wide awake and in control of all our faculties and still go on a mental journey where we decide what is going to happen and can erase anything we don’t like or don’t want to see or experience with a simple thought. That is the power of the imagination’. – Michele De Lucchi

In Difesa dell’Immaginazione’ (‘Homage to the Imagination’) is Michele De Lucchi’s evocative vision, brought to life through the skilful use of HI-MACS® New Generation Acrylic Stone. Images of a possible or desired reality formed in the human mind taking shape in a flowing fantasy landscape, reminiscent of Appennine hills, mountains, valleys and lakes.

In Difesa dell’Immaginazione was installed in the wonderful setting of the old Bastardini Hospital in the heart of Bologna, which has just finished hosting the Bologna Water Design 2013, an exclusive ‘post fair’ event organised in conjunction with the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings (CERSAIE).

PROJECT INFORMATION Project : « In Difesa dell’Immaginazione » Design: Michele De Lucchi Location : Ancien Hôpital des Bastardini, Bologne Material : HI-MACS® Photos : Valeria Portinari Fabricant : Lineoarredo” homage_to_the_imagination_michele_de_lucchi_02






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J’adore, je pourrais passer des heures à regarder et à toucher!!

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