High Visibility Fashion by Sputnik Zurich

“Show YOURSELF >BE Yourself >BE VISIBLE. Sputnik Zurich is a manufacturer of high visibility bags and apparel. Drawing directly from urban development for its material, production and inspiration, Sputnik Zurich’s aim is to keep bikers and pedestrians visible on the street while providing an open platform for the design and development of its product.

The Idea: The design and production of the products take place in building containers at various construction sites throughout the city. Sputnik Zurich’s containers would be added to the urban construction sites, making for a temporary but pragmatIc location which draws attention to the city’s urban development. The concept is not only to produce products of fashion design but also to create a local and sustainable production cycle which can be adapted to any urban context.

Zurich’s transportation system is a dense network of trams, buses, cars, mopeds and bikes intertwining and overlapping with pedestrian routes. The complexity of the urban traffic flow creates risky situations for bikers and pedestrians: the reason for our production.

High visibility clothing worn by the workers are upcycled into urban streetwear for city dwellers. Being seen on the street protects YOU and opens you up for social encounters. The subtle change of context of safety clothing affects the street scene and brings people together. The re-invention of a regular object attracts attention and provides a common thread between people, a topic for conversation.” Sputnik_Zurich_reflect01







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Great – Steph,
Bring some to NY for us!

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