Hello Dude Lamp by Markus Johansson

“Just raise the cap; direct the sight, and Hello Dude will shine your way. Turn the cap upwards and light will fill your room, or screw it down and go for a cozy milieu. Set the cap askew and the light goes where the dude looks. Hello Dude is a directional light source which is all about change. Instead of a fixed construction, the position of the cap will let you regulated the intensity of the light as well as its direction. Markus Johansson has made a lamp in a hard and durable material like steel and glass.

‘I got fascinated with the idea of a large screw which will let you regulated the light, either flood your space or dim it,’ says Markus Johansson. ‘The lamp’s expression changes with the use, just like a cap slightly tilted on a dude.’

The cap of Hello Dude can be turned up and down, and set at an angle in whatever direction thanks to a multiaxis arm, which revolves around a ball. Hello Dude is lacquered in three different colors: opt for black, a greyish brown, or an original pastel yellow.”






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