Habitation TSL by ADN Architectures

From adn architectures:

The Hanrez project offered us the opportunity to study the design of a new home but explore two themes. The first, a recurring theme, projects in a small plot with restrictions, regardless of the potential for natural topography or solar orientation. The second theme is that of saving energy by using applications specific to the passive house.

Our first response to a specific program of master developer was proposing an alternative design of the interior spaces in a volume limited and constrained by urban planning regulations that defied logic.

Our thinking was to work with the mass to define the significant elements of the facades, whether the entry, the solar gain from south, framed views of the landscape …

The building takes advantage of the slight but perceptible variation of the ground. The composition is affirmed in the relationship of mass and void. Interior spaces confront each other by the duality of open and closed spaces.

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