Grit Seat by llot llov

“Grit looks delicate and yet it is a sturdy seat. Skinny metal wires are woven into a conic basket-like shape. The object seems almost invisible in front of a dark background and has graphic qualities in front of a lighter background.

To save space Grit can be stacked and gives the appearance of very fine scaffolding. Grit is ideal for the private living space, but a must for every area like bars, cafés, lounges, offices where light and easy to move seating is needed, particularly since this stool can also be used as a casual side table.

A visual focus is the cork cover, that comes in the natural cork and now in the darker smoked version. In 2014 the now black Grit will also be available in yellow chromated, with rainbow effect.” grit_seat_llot_llov_02






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One thought on “Grit Seat by llot llov

This is a perfect space_saver item!!! A must have!!!

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