Gor-Mette Fashion Boutique by Itai Palti

“’In metal adornments we find man’s longing for stability in defiance of nature. Jewellery refines, and exhumes permanence; whilst nature erodes and perpetuates change. The marriage of metal and flesh, that now seems to us a most comfortable relationship.’

The new ‘Gor-Mette’ Tel Aviv fashion boutique designed by British/Israeli architect Itai Palti pays homage to the marriage of metal and flesh. “Gor-Mette” the jewellery line of fashion designer Itay Lapid is playfully named after the colloquial Hebrew term for bombastic chains and bracelets. A microcosm of Israel’s maturing fashion industry; Gor-Mette has reconstructed an unwitting Israeli motif into a refined design statement.

To augment the brand’s aesthetic, the juxtaposition of metals craft a monochrome composition. Aluminium foam panels replace divider screens and provide a backdrop. A rough carbon steel framework is held together and embellished by precision stainless steel lab ware. Clamp jaws present intricate jewellery, which again repeats in itself the layering of adornments.

Through materiality, the space distances itself from natural forms; it is defined by sharp angles, manufactured materials, and textures. The only organic contours, three mannequin torsos made of metal mesh, hang on a motorized mobile. Whilst the store is shut, the movement of a passer-by activates a mechanism. The mannequins lower from the ceiling and move toward the window, being drawn to man, as man is to metal.” Photos: Itay Sikolski. gor-mette_02













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love it amzing design by an amazing guy

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