GO by Victor Vetterlein

“Introducing a garden office design proposal called GO by Victor Vetterlein. GO is a pre-manufactured and portable office to be used in the garden of a private residence. The use of GO helps separate work and family life while not having to commute to an office.

The shape of GO is inspired by vintage field cameras. The primary desk window of GO is similar to the lens of the camera that reaches out to gather light for capturing a memory of a moment in time and space. Also, inspiration for the interior layout comes from an aerospace flight simulator design. Since managing a business as well as operating computer software can sometimes feel like you are piloting a craft, GO‘s desk area is made to feel like a cockpit. When seated at the desk, one gets the feeling that they are in control of the direction and distance of travel for their future. A wrap around desk where three sides are easily accessible reinforces this theme. Lastly, to give a sense of depth and motion on the interior of GO, the main desk area including the floor, walls, ceiling, and shelving are designed to be a forced perspective focusing on the main window view.

The GO design includes a covered entry porch, a coat closet, a day bed, a primary desk area, a subsidiary desk space, shelving and storage cabinets, side windows and a skylight to help save power for lighting during daylight hours, operable side windows and skylight for natural ventilation, a wall mounted presentation/meeting computer monitor, and a wall mounted air conditioner/heat pump. A stretched version of GO is available that includes a toilet, kitchenette with a sink, and potable/waste water holding tanks.

GO is constructed of a metal frame with rigid insulation infill. The exterior envelope is made of aluminum composite panels (ACP) mounted on a waterproof membrane. Two sides of GO have ACP planking floating on sleepers to help cool the structure during hot periods of the year. The aluminum rooftop is obstruction free for a solar collector film if desired. The interior finish for GO is birch faced plywood.” 1_GO_Vetterlein_March_2013










C:UsersgogovetterleinDesktopGO_2013GO_March_2013 Plan (1)

C:UsersgogovetterleinDesktopGO_2013GO_March_2013 Section (1

C:UsersgogovetterleinDesktopGO_2013GO_March_2013 Section (2

C:UsersgogovetterleinDesktopGO_2013GO_March_2013 Elevation

C:UsersgogovetterleinDesktopGO_2013GO_March_2013 Plan (2) (

16_GO_Inspiration_Field Camera_Vetterlein_March_2013

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