Glacier Lounge Chair by Brodie Neill

Glacier 4 BrodieNeill

From Brodie Neill:

Designer Brodie Neill launches his latest limited-edition creation, Glacier, during Superdesign in London this October.

This lucid chaise longue has a smooth, fluid-like shape consisting of a single, swooping gesture, an energy captured in pure, optically transparent glass.

The once-fluid material flows from the central core and counterbalances the outstretched planes of the overall piece. Edition one of only ten ever made, Glacier is the perfect synergy of design and craftsmanship.

Glacier’s graceful form is hand-cast from 135 litres of molten clear glass that fills the 7ft-long mould. Once the liquid glass has filled the mould cavity, the temperature is slowly reduced over an 80-day period allowing the glass to anneal and strengthen to certified standards. The monolithic form is fused with a total weight of 300kg.

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