Gazelle Clothes Hanger by Ronan Murphy and Kevin Doherty

“The Gazelle Clothes Hanger derives its inspiration from the grace, speed and elegance of the gazelle on the African plains. Designers Ronan and Kevin wanted to turn the cumbersome act of hanging clothes into a simple and enjoyable interaction.

‘With this design, we’ve tried to bring a flicker of joy to an interaction often seen as mundane or awkward. We think that this ‘flicker of joy’ is actually quite important: it can be the spark for a happier and more fulfilling day in general.’

Focusing on the user, they have developed a stunning design with a beautifully integrated handle. This not only makes hanging clothes a simple pleasure, but cares for garments by avoiding stretching at the neck. The hanger balances perfectly on the rail when clothes are on it, and tilts gently to tell you when it’s free.

The result is a beautiful and striking silhouette that glides effortlessly in and out of tops, dresses and buttoned shirts. ‘Gazelle is our interpretation of style and function in perfect harmony.'” Gazelle Clothes Hanger will be premiered at the Home homewares and accessories show from January 12 to 14, 2014 at Earls Court 2 in London.









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