Gaufrette au Barcelona Coffee Tables by Faidra Matziaraki and Victor Gonzalez


“Manolito & Manolita furniture and light designers, proudly present the `Gaufrette au Barcelone´ coffee – table set, made by reclaimed wood boards, picked from Barcelona´s neighborhoods and detailed with quality components. Enjoy a tasty bite of luxury!

PRODUCT: Inspired by the potential of converting the daily discarded material into ‘crisp and fresh’ piece of furniture; each table is unique, and consists of material carefully picked-up from specific households from Barcelona. Through the reclaimed material, Manolito & Manolita highlights the ephemeral and unsustainable use of mass-produced material in our environments.

The layering technique is based in the ‘Gaufrette au Chocolat’, a famous French delicacy, consisting of thin-layered ingredients, which create a solid pastry. Similarly, the tables is a robust assemble of perfectly restored, sanded and varnished wood panels, such as wood, MDF, chipboard and plywood of several thicknesses and shades.

The table is suitable for interior spaces and offered in iron or Inox fronts, in natural or in color. Every table can split in two parts, in order to be easily transportable and are tighten up by iron bars.”

Gaufrette au Barcelone

Gaufrette au Barcelone

Gaufrette au Barcelone

Gaufrette au Barcelone

Gaufrette au Barcelone



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