Furoshiki Lamp by Entreautre

From Entreautre:

The sheet,
the wood,
and the wire.

Sheet takes the crease
form a shade,
it embraces
and attached to the wooden cylinder.
The cord travels … across the room lime and encircles the little lamp before diving into the light.

The light is soft,
the overlay graphic ,
*furoshiki lamp is pleasant company.

* Japanese art of folding cloth


Table lamp designed by Entreautre design studio, furoshiki is very thrifty with materials. Only two pieces create the structure : one foot in limewood and polypropylene sheet cleverly folded and formatting. When the lamp is lit, the layering of material is very graphic. The cord fits perfectly and created the link between components.

The lamp is entirely made in france (except the cord from Italy) and the assembly is made by a social institution of assistance by labour.

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