Formwork Desk Accessories by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

The Formwork modular accessories system helps create a sense of place for the various small things we keep.


Details: Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility, Formwork is an intuitive and versatile system of containers that can be arranged, stacked, and combined to best organize desktop tools and accessories — from the size of the item to how frequently it’s used. The design also embraces the digital world, with containers suited both for high-tech gadgets as well as for items like pencils and paper clips from the ‘analog’ world.


“Hecht and Colin approached the design by examining the products that populate our daily lives.” says Formwork manufacturer Herman Miller. “For example, in their designs for the line’s small and large trays, they gave each a cantilevered ledge to allow the placement of items in order of usefulness. This gives people ready access to some things while allowing other things to stay in the background.”


“For the large and small boxes, which are designed for bulkier items, the designers added removable lids and holes that may act as cup holders. And finally, for the media stand, the design is cleverly angled on a silicon base ensuring that a gadget will stand firmly in place no matter how vigorously it is used.”

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Very ingenious, I like it a lot!

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