Foo House by Apollo Architects & Associates


An open plan, abundant natural light, exposed concrete and solid teak wood add up to an airy and surprisingly warm interior in Foo House by Apollo in Yokohama, Japan.

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“The site is located in a residential area on a plateau in Yokohama-city. The characteristic façade is designed with exposed concrete and wooden lattices of Serangan batu wood, taking the horizon into consideration. It is a classic of modern design that is conscious of harmony with the surrounding greens and peaceful townscape. This two-family house successfully creates a dignity and formality that are unique to the residence.

The husband who likes playing golf and the wife who loves gardening desired a garden, which can be seen from the central living room on the first floor, as the center of the house. They also desired a continuation between East and West, and assurance of privacy. The solid teak wood on the ceilings and floors, and the hard expression of the high-strength concrete create a contrast. They provide a sense of unity to the space, along with the natural walnut house fixtures, oak table and chairs.

The space for family of the son, who likes surfing, is placed on the second floor that is connected through the open ceiling, in order to facilitate spontaneous communication between the families. In contrast to the closed exterior appearance, the interior is all airy. Even the dining kitchen at the back of the first floor is well lit by characteristic lights from the high side window in the open ceiling.

The roof balcony is accessible from the second floor bedroom and the children’s room through the opening. The roof terrace with deck-flooring behind the outdoor stairs is a common oasis for the two families, where the surrounding town can be viewed. By tactfully using the wooden lattices and plantings, a perfect sense of distance and privacy are created between the building and the street, while enabling the enjoyment of the appropriate openness. It functions as a well-balanced urban house.

Architecture: Satoshi Kurosaki/APOLLO Architects & Associates
Location: Yokohama city Kanagawa
Date of Completion: February 2007
Principal Use: Private Housing
Structure: RC
Site Area: 241.87m2
Building Area: 120.57m2
Total Floor Area: 190.45m2 (1F,113.40 m2/2F, 77.05m2)
Structure Engineers: Masaki Structure (Kenta Masaki)
Facility Engineers: Shimada Architects (Zenei Shimada)
Construction: JP home

Exterior Finish: exposed concrete
Floor: wood flooring
Wall: synthetic resin emulsion paint
Ceiling: wood flooring”
Photos: Masao Nishikawa.

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