Fold/ Unfold Elderly Stool by Noa Haim

100% cardboard stools designed especially for the MUDAM museum, Luxemburg. “The project brief was built together with curatorial and public programs departments at MUDAM, Luxemburg to provide the museum with cardboard stools for elderly in guided tours and ‘building blocks’ of a Popup shop for Marché des créateurs December 4th – 8th 2013.

We produced 200 cardboard stools, with which three variations of display/ tables can be configured: a low one, a tall one and a tall long one. Together with the museum team, the shop was built in one afternoon. At the end of Marché des créateurs the shop will be dismantle into stools, for the museum daily usage and in June 2014 we will re-assemble the stools into shop again.

We were trying to keep the design minimal, so visitors will focus on the goods which are for sale by the different creators, YET to form a unique retail environment. The system was designed as an open system, to allow maximum flexibility for the créateurs participating at the event – they can adjust their own stand according to change in needs.

The work was manufactured at a packaging company situated at the south of Holland.” Photos: courtesy MUDAM.








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