Flying Rabbit Screen Print by Jo Robinson

“This week, HAM adds ‘Flying Rabbit’ to its popular collection of quirky designs.

Launching as a hand pulled screen print, each piece has been carefully crafted in East London by HAM designer, Jo Robinson, using 350gsm off white British made card.

Over the past year HAM has gained a following for its bold silhouette designs capturing unexpected moments from the contented lives of a Pig, a Rabbit and a Horse.

HAM’s minimal aesthetic seeks to add a serious edge to its playful subject matter. Nostalgia and a fascination with the banal are key themes that continue to inform Jo’s growing range of animal motifs, which can be found on premium cotton tea towels, hand pulled screen prints, fine bone china mugs and litho printed greeting cards. Designs include Bouncing Rabbit, Partying Pig and Seesawing Rabbit.” HAM-BOUNCING-RABBIT_DIVING-RABBIT_SEESAWING-RABBIT-CARDS




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2 thoughts on “Flying Rabbit Screen Print by Jo Robinson

Love them. I have the party pig and rabbit mug! >___<

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