Eurythmiemalbuch I, II Book Art Direction by Yuta Takahashi

“Eurythmie is a kinetic art originated by thinker Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of 20th century. That is an art expressed by the whole body instead of vocal organs’ movements of vowels and consonants. Now, it is used to help children’s growth in the fields of education, and at the hospital or medical facility as an Eurythmie therapy, and also at the office or business as the social Eurythmie to smooth human relations.

Author Emi Yoshida talks about the book as follows.

[. . .]Coloring by ourselves, we can go into each colors. When the second color is added to the first color, we can experience the conversation of colors (correspondence). And when the third color is added, it is completed as one sound.[. . .] We can become a movement of Eurythmie itself because we can go into the process by coloring by ourselves.

We started with tracing figures faithfully sketched by Rudolf Steiner about 100 years ago, and finally we collected them into two books and a poster of appendix.” book-a-600






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