Ealing W5: New Build House by Natalie Sully


From Evolvearchitecture:

Located on a backland site of abandoned allotments in South Ealing this project was recommended for approval by the Planning Department, refused at Committee and granted on Appeal. The plot has two means of access and is 200 m2 in size. The house was designed with a collection of varying pitched roofs rising towards the centre of the site and low at the boundaries. The sedum roof ,vertical cladding and obscured views of this house help to nestle the house on the site. The L- shaped design offers views onto a private garden and onto the house itself.

The open plan kitchen dining is at a raised half storey level with bedrooms below. The living room at ground level has large sliding doors opening onto a deck with views of the garden beyond. The facade is clad in grey stained spruce echoing the timber fences around the site. The finished house is spacious with an intimate quality of an oasis within the city.

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