Domus by Alexey Lysenkov

“Have you ever noticed how roofs differ across climates? Turquoise copper roofs give Nordic countries their distinct look; the white lime roofs of southern nations make you feel instantly warm; the dark tiles of continental climates are contrasted by light facades.

Domus decoration sets are simple in design and yet make a perfectly understandable metaphor for a human habitat – be it a Nordic premises, a continental house or a southern getaway. It is the perfect gift for your family, friends or loved ones who live further afield than you would wish. It is a nice reminder of a place you have good memories of or that you dream of settling down in. Minimal, even primitive in form, yet carefully handcrafted, these Domus sets will make you look up more often.” domus_alexey_lysenkov_02






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One thought on “Domus by Alexey Lysenkov

It looks more like a rip off of the ARCH YOU houses from Applicata designed by Anne Boysen

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