Dobrobox & Dobrostol by Ekaterina Vagurina

“‘Dobrobox’ is a cutlery box made of a fibre-concrete. The wooden top/ cover is movable horizontally by pulling it with a curvilinear shape on the edge of the cover. Inside the box there are a four slots for four types of a cutlery – a spoon, a knife, a fork and a small spoon.

‘Dobrostol’ is a bed tray/ table also made of fibre-concrete. This table has several uses. At first, it’s a bed tray table that can be used for eating in a bed or sitting on a sofa. Dobrobox has two recesses on the right side of it – first one by the round shape – for a cup of coffee and second one for cutlery and for napkins. Also it has a removable tray-box under the top of the table that can be used as an additional space for a dish if you pull it out of the main table… you even could put your dirty plate into this tray-box to hide it.

The second way of using this bed tray table is using it as a laptop tray. So, the recesses in the top of the Dobrostol could be used as a place for a cup of coffee and space for gadgets or pens. And in the tray-box you could store notes and some paper.”









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One thought on “Dobrobox & Dobrostol by Ekaterina Vagurina

i have to ask !
can you share photos from the working proces? some words about the mold this made in?

amazing work!

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