Digital Porcelain Lamp by Andreas Hopf & Axel Nordin


From Andreas Hopf & Axel Nordin:

Inspiration from nature is one thing, putting nature to work yet another. Our research is concerned with methods to empower designers and consumers to discover and apply natural-mathematical morphologies – whilst taking real world functional or production constraints into account at the same time. A follow-up to our DMY 2010 and SFF 2011 exhibitions.

Putting nature to work: Digital form-finding for analogue production processes: experiments with minimal surfaces in slip-cast biscuit porcelain and performance LED lights – shown at the DMY 2010 in Berlin at Hangar 7 of the disused Tempelhof Airport.

Executed in Berlin and at Lund University School of Industrial Design by Andreas Hopf, Axel Nordin and Michal Piasecki, supported by Innovativ Kultur, Stockholm, Sweden.

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