Derma Mirror by Gianluca Sgalippa

“Following the success of the Shaky vase, Enzyma has now launched Derma. It’s the second piece in a new collection of furnishing items resulting from Gianluca Sgalippa’s decision to broaden his horizons. Derma, which is Enzyma’s first mirror, has a unique style that stems from an original and bold study of geometry. The irregular and asymmetric contour of the frame takes its shape from the continuous, modular repetition of an equilateral triangle. The points of convergence are markedly visible between one module and the next and create a very evident grid between the triangles. These triangles look like large scales and form a solid pattern enclosing a hexagonal mirror. The frame is also embellished by fluoro?coloured segments, irregularly arranged inside the slender grooves. From a strictly iconographic point of view, Derma was inspired by the pictorial artworks of Theo van Doesburg, Max Bill and Tomás Maldonado. The Derma mirror is more than just a simple mirror and less than a wall. Thanks to its unmistakable design, it can be placed anywhere in the home to enhance the style and design of any space.” mirror2

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One thought on “Derma Mirror by Gianluca Sgalippa

love it !! so cool

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