Dear O’ Deer Outdoor Planter by Rohan Chhabra & Kriti Chaudhary

Juxtaposing the dead and the living, Dear O’ Deer is an indoor/ outdoor planter that uses live plants to resemble the antlers of a deer, a dead one, as the planter is a ceramic deer skull.


Details: Dear O’ Deer can be hung on a wall or used flat on a surface. “The user can intervene in the dynamic growth process and plays an important role in deciding the aesthetics of this object.” say the designers.


Available in glazed matte white stoneware, fired terracotta and matte gold.


Dear O’ Deer has been shortlisted in the Unique Youngstar Competition hosted by the German Design Council, to be exhibited at Spoga Gafa 2014 in Cologne, Germany.


Designers: Rohan Chhabra & Kriti Chaudhary are re-culture, a Delhi-based design collaborative. Rohan has a background in industrial & fashion design, and Kriti Chaudhary is a ceramicist and product designer. While working on their independent practices they found a common ground for their inter-disciplinary ideas and formed re-culture. In their products, they aim to achieve a combination of enlightenment and enchantment by re-culturing the language of everyday things.






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