(((db))) House by Avignon-Clouet Architectes


From Avignon-Clouet Architectes:

The arrangement of this house is born of the radical choice to place the required swimming pool in the very heart of it. The topic was set as such, with this pure white parallelepiped covered with scales on North face and glass on South face, the outside and in boundaries fantasized by architects are both mastered and still quite unclear.

The house can either create a unique relationship in continuity with its garden, or otherwise preserves family life. In the evening, this “water lantern” illuminates the house and evokes that “regardless of the travel provided that the horizon is vast”.

Private contracting by owner
Location: Saint Sébastien sur Loire (44)
Size: 231m2
Completion date: 2012
Budget: 255 554 EUR HT

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