Current Table by Marjan van Aubel

“Current table is a piece of furniture that also functions as a source of energy.

It is a workstation that gathers and harvest energy from daylight to charge your appliances, all within one room. While you read a book or write emails, you can use your table to charge your ipad or mobile phone.

The glass table surface contains a Dye Synthesized Solar Cell, which uses the properties of colour to create an electrical current. The technique is based on the photosynthesis in plants. Similarly to the green chlorophyll absorbing light, the colours in the table harness energy. What is special about these solar cells is that they are able to function indoors under diffused light, unlike classic solar cells that need direct sunlight. This makes Current Table the first piece of furniture that is harvesting energy indoors. Something quit revolutionary as you think about the fact you don’t need any running cables anymore. It means you can put the table on any place in the world you want and charge your devices anytime.

The table works as a unique system that collects and stores transferable energy. It has this dual function; both as a work surface and as a battery. You can plug in your devices through integrated USB ports on the side of the table This offers a natural and sustainable solution to a work unit – fitting seamlessly into daily life. Since having more surface exposed increases the efficiency of the table, it is also an incentive to keep your work space clear and tidy.

The future possibilities are endless, from entire libraries, restaurants and meetingrooms. They could all be furnished with these surfaces, allowing people to charge their phones during a meeting or dinner. Utility and aesthetics are combined via the use of Solar energy in everyday objects.”







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