Craft Camera by Coralie Gourguechon

“Craft Camera is a simplified D.I.Y digital camera. It is established of a carboard case and an electronic system runned by Arduino. All the elements are Open Source, allowing users to master the use and the life expectancy, or to build it as Do It Yourself. The simplification of the device allows to privilege the spontaneity in the recording. Photos are stored in a memory card, and can be displayed on the computer. This product has been developed as part of a personal project graduation in Product Design, on the thema “Low-Tech VS Hi-Tech”. The initial objective was to counter planned obsolescence and complexity of electronic products. It answers to the specifications established at the beginning of the research: ACCESSIBILITY / REPARABILITY / SUSTAINABILITY This project has been done with the help of the hackerspace Tetalab and Snootlab society for the Electronic part, and Graphic Designer Laura Messaglio for the visual communication.” CC2




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12 thoughts on “Craft Camera by Coralie Gourguechon

Very good idea for the future and for our planet! well done! cheers!

February 16, 2013 GOURGUECHON Dominique

Bravo! Super

Bravo !!

I vote or you!!!!

Jolie !!!

Well done Coralie!
I hope that your craft camera will be market. Thanks for our planet!

Bonne idée et joli design!

Well done! just perfect for our planet!

February 17, 2013 Chignier Jean Pierre (JP-Cherokee-95)

Beau travail ça, ça me plait beaucoup toutes les innovation faites pour informatique, la photo, que je pratique beaucoup et + encore. JP-Cherokee95.
Un seul Mot BRAVO Coralie

February 17, 2013 gourguechon marie-josé

Bravo Coralie, ton projet a abouti et tu as ton site, alors bonne continuation et réussite pour la suite .

Originale et intéressante cette idée!Bravo .

February 17, 2013 Chignier Jean Pierre (JP-Cherokee-95)

Malade le moderateur,Enfin Bref.
J’ais ecris, beau travail, ça me plait beaucoup toutes les innovations pour l’informatique, la photo que je pratique beaucoup .
Bravo Coralie. JP-Cherokee-95

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