Coucouclock Brunhilde by Moritz Philip Schmidt


“The coucouclock ‘Brunhilde’ transfers the product history of original Blackforest clockmakers to the present. The focus on the combination of spruce wood and concrete, of nativeness and artless elegance is clearly visible. The stylized and reduced impression combines tradition and modern spirit in one object.

Brunhilde is produced exclusively in the Blackforest with local obtained materials. Equally the mechanical clock unit is made in this region. Consequently it numbers among the original coucou-clocks of the Blackforest. By the use of concrete instead of cast iron for the weights, the material input and the amount of energy could be reduced. In addition the route of transport is cut down on a short distance. All components the clock is consisting of are separable, repairable and compatible. There is no need for batteries by the mechanic of the clock and no refuse before and while running.”






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