Convictions and other interpretations by Spazuk

Paint with fire, Spazuk uses the flame of a candle as a pencil to create his paintings.


Details: The artist has created another series of paintings with trails of soot for a new exhibition at Galerie C.O.A in Montreal titled ‘Spazuk: Convictions and other interpretations’ opening October 15, 2014. The recent work, portraits, birds, imprints, “speaks clearly of his beliefs and convictions”.

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“The artist paints with fire. Spazuk has developed and perfected a unique technique using the flame of a candle as a pencil to create his paintings with trails of soot. With a collection of eclectic tools, he intuitively sculpts the plumes of carbon left on paper to reveal the light in his images. The result is remarkable.

Portraits, birds, imprints, his choice of subjects complements the fragility and fluidity of his medium. In this exhibition, Spazuk demonstrates his exceptional mastery of fire. Revealing combinations and juxtapositions both incongruous and rich in meaning, his recent work speaks clearly of his beliefs and convictions. The shapes and patterns born from his random smoke give way to many organic and personal interpretations.”

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