Compiled Lamp by Sebastian Jansson


From Sebastian Jansson:

Objects do not necessarily have to consist of inseparable, fixed parts. Oppositely, new aesthetics are reached within the field of domestic objects, through freely compilable elements.

—The aesthetics of the Compiled lamp series is not defined by specific pre-given form. However, the idea is to allow different elements to interact with each other. Playfulness is created by combining different shapes and materials. Appropriate geometric shapes create powerful contrasts to the material combinations

—The three elements of the Compiled lamps are represented by archetypal table objects, a vase, a bowl and a basket. These archetypal objects are reinterpreted in shape and form. The elements are made of sophisticated glass, translucent porcelain, sympathetic rattan and rigorous wire frames.

—The elements are defined so that they can be freely combined with each other, in two directions. By changing the order of the compiled elements, different interesting combinations are created. The series of lamps strives, through its postmodern expressions, to function in interaction with the user, and is consequently customizable.

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