Collaborative Cooking by Isberg, Johansson, Korsgaard, Berglöf

“Collaborative Cooking is a project initiated and created by Christian Isberg, Petter Johansson Kukacka, Lasse Korsgaard and Carl Berglöf. The project is based on a digital platform that controls and interacts with a physical cooking machine. This is a way to explore how we will prepare and discuss our food in the future. Does cooking require a physical presence or is it possible to create and explore through digital platforms and experience food beyond the known limitations? Collaborative cooking further examines the possibilities to cook together and is the beginning of a new era – an era full of new collaborations and innovations.

In order to accomplish this they have constructed a digital platform that works like a framework for the discussion and the performance. The digital platform is linked with a physical machine that translates the digital dialogue to a form of input; the input is created by those who contribute to the project and is later processed by the machine. The participants – five chefs – take part through their own computers and through these they create a dish together. They collectively cook from different locations and make one dish together. The machine that is specially built for this purpose has a unique interface that the participants use in order to compose this collective dish.

The cooking machine has 35 different functions/ ingredients that has been carefully selected and researched though a collaboration with the chef Carl Berglöf. Each ingredient has its own purpose and place in entirety. The participants use the functions of the machine to add different ingredients in a pot. The machine in linked with the digital platform though an ordinary Internet connection where output creates input in reality. This allows the participants to add the different ingredients in real life and directly into the pot. The project researches how different people will orient themselves in a given framework and what kind of interaction, discussion, collaborations and conflicts that creates when you respond to the other’s decisions.” Photos: Henrik Petersson.





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