Co-Laborat Goes Yellow at Designers Fair 2012


From Co-Laborat:

At the 2012 Designers Fair in Cologne product designers Leoni Werle, Christian Kim, Sebastian Hecht and Susanne Salmen, showed their work for the first time together as a group called “Co-Laborat”. They all studied together in Aachen, Germany and are now showing a collection of projects ranging from lamps through stools to tables that each make a reference to the color yellow.

From left to right:

- the Co-Laborat booth at Designers Fair

- Zwilling Clock by Christian Kim, a modern variation of a pendulum clock with a clock-face and a pendulum of the same size.

- Pilu Lamp by Leoni Werle, the shape of the lamp base allows the table lamp to be used in two different positions.

- Heimlicht Lamp by Leoni Werle, a symbiosis of lamp and table. The weight helps to adjust the height of the lamp shade.

- 90×110 by Sebastian Hecht, a reinterpretation of the vintage davenport. 90×110 workstation for everyday writing and office work.

- Knoopjes Buttons by Leoni Werle & Femke Roefs, 3d-printed Button using the FDM technology.

- Drilling Stool by Christian Kim, made from 3 identical parts cut and bent from 4mm aluminium sheets.

- Aufsteiger by Christian Kim, hallway furniture that severs as a coat-rack with a lofty storage compartment.

- Fidgeting Monkey by Susanne Salmen, wall decoration for a nursery. Using its flexible joints the monkey can move into any position.

- Abc poster by Susanne Salmen, a group of animals illustrated using basic forms such as triangle, square and circle.

Photos: Annika Feuss

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