Childrens Aepe Chair by Roman Bentley


Says Roman Bentley, “Decided to launch the Aepe chair due to this flatpack furniture craze that has been happening for some time, inspired by japanese and scandinavian designers. Have friends and family with small children who are always looking for affordable furniture so I began the quest for a solution. What more can I say its a chair but the thought, the materials used, the design, construction and the practicality of it makes it unique in my opinion.”





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  • Reply September 8, 2013

    Koen De Winter

    It’s nice, it reminds me of the Gerrit Rietveld experiments of 1927…but before encouraging it’s production the first question I would ask would be about the material and how long it will release the foaming agent that was used in its production. I would like to know, so I ask…

    • Reply September 11, 2013


      Gerrit Rietveld was a dutch legend definitely an inspiration to anyone in furniture design…the material is a variation on ‘XPE100′ we have been working with a specialist lab to refine the material for it to be stronger for commercial use…more info will be on our website soon, follow on twitter for more updates

  • Reply September 9, 2013


    I think it’s similar to Owl Chair by The Design Labo Inc. Tokyo in 2012.

    • Reply September 11, 2013


      yes it has been brought to our attention as of recent and we think its so0 cool…its amazing how minds think alike…we would love to share ideas on how we can help each other with these fantastic similar designs

  • Reply September 9, 2013


    I already saw this design before, the joint is quite the same and you’ve changed the design of the backrest. As far as i know, design is about to be creative, not to see-change a little bit-apply to your product.

  • Reply September 11, 2013


    Well unfortunately it looks almost the same with the Owl Chair from Design Labo Japan….

    • Reply September 11, 2013


      why is it unfortunate??? its actually great that it has been brought to our attention it goes to show we are on the right path with this one :-)

  • Reply April 24, 2014

    Jean hardman

    Hi rowan I am sitting in great anticipation for my much look forward to chair. You did contact to say it will be dispatched shortly, please can you advise. Yours faithfully. Jean Hardman.

  • Reply June 18, 2014

    Mrs Lawrence

    We are are also still waiting for our chair which we purchased at the ideal home exhibition in march to be delivered

    My last email to you was on the 6th June to date we have not had any response !

    We would appreciate an urgent reply from you

    J lawrence

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