Change the World EP by Karim Rashid

“Change the World EP is Karim’s first foray into composing Electro-Pop music. Comprised of 3 tracks (with alternate mixes), the music speaks of Karim’s philosophies about object culture, commodity, spaces, technology, globalove, and our future global human landscape. His positive messages on the future of our dematerialized world are recited poetically against digital beats. The tracks ‘Nutopia’ and ‘Change the World’ are synthetic compositions that feature Karim singing robotically (as both male and female). Karim’s lyrics envision a fluid, biomorphic world and embraces the manifesto he wrote 12 years ago titled ‘I Want to Change the World’. The arrangement ‘Love Kolor’ is a more playful pop arrangement about his love for color in our ever-vast grey world. KariMusik is a new label that in the future will embrace diverse projects of objects / sounds / spaces with other electronic composers.” Available now on iTunes

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